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The South Carolina Dames was established in 2019. Co-Owners, Sierra Cross and Audrey Harris accomplished their goal to build an organization with the ability to provide a platform for women in South Carolina and surrounding areas. The aim was to showcase women's athleticism and football ability.

Sierra Cross was introduced to football in 2018. Football immediately became "the thing" she wanted to do. She played pay-to-play semi-professional football for three years. Playing was pricey however, she realized quickly that the football field filled many voids in her life - not just for her but for most of the female athletes she played with.

Audrey Harris has been on a mission since 2016 to prove South Carolina that women can play and excel in a male dominated sport. She started her football journey in 2016 under the South Carolina Smash, the very first women's tackle football team in South Carolina. She recruited many talented athletes.

Both Sierra and Audrey are passionate about providing an opportunity for women to showcase their love for playing football and displaying their athleticism.

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